Digital Antarctica is an initiative with the goal of making all Antarctic research data curated by AAPP partners easily accessible and interoperable.

Digital Antarctica will bolster Australian Antarctic research by ensuring the data used to create that research, and the data products created from that research, are easier to find, collate, and integrate – which leads to richer science and stronger decision making. This will, in turn, open up new doors for research and modelling based on the larger and wider datasets available. Other consumers of research data, including educators and even members of the public, would also benefit from this increased data interoperability (e.g. when developing educational applications).

Working closely with all of the AAPP Partner organisations, the Digital Antarctica project will identify relationships and dependencies between disparate data collections and suggest ways to navigate those relationships to deliver better information services.

The Digital Antarctica initiative is driven by the Australian Antarctic Science Strategic Plan under which Open access to outcomes and data is identified as a key principle, along with the goal of Digital Integration. The Digital Antarctica initiative will contribute to addressing these objectives.