Pas de deux in the oceans’ Twilight Zone

In the last few days there has been little time to post any blogs on the SOLACE www site as most groups on board RV Investigator have been busy processing samples from midwater nets, bio-optics, deep water cameras, zooplankton nets, sediment traps, particle interceptors, and/or running experiments.

Sorting micronekton. 📷 Svenja Halfter

Transporting carbon: Why micronekton are important

Transporting carbon: Why micronekton are important Bree WoodsPhD Student The deep ocean is the largest habitat on earth and despite harsh environmental conditions, is full of life. The animals that live here are adapted to high pressure, low temperatures, and little-to-no sunlight. Such animals, which are collectively named micronekton, include fishes, squids and hard-bodied organisms …

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Welcome aboard SOLACE!

Welcome aboard SOLACE The Southern Ocean Large Areal Carbon Export (SOLACE) voyage has the following objectives. Improve water column measurement of the downward export flux of carbon of the biological pump using an integrated suite of new technological advances – from particle decomposition to mesopelagic vertical migrations. Integrate these improved estimates of the functioning of …

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