Women of the MISO voyage

Dr Rebecca Zitoun (IMAS/IMOS)

On 11 February 2024, we celebrated the United Nations International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This day serves as a reminder of the vital role women and girls play in the fields of science and technology worldwide. Here aboard CSIRO research vessel (RV) Investigator, we are proud to acknowledge and celebrate the invaluable contributions of our inspiring female voyagers who are currently undertaking systematic multidisciplinary investigations of the Southern Ocean (MISO).

The MISO voyage stands as a testament to the remarkable achievements possible through a commitment to promoting inclusivity, equality, and diversity in science. Among the 59 people on board (crew plus the 39-strong science team), 18 are female, including our chief scientist and voyage manager. The team encompasses a range of career stages, from 12 students and early-career professionals to three mid-career professionals and three senior professionals, demonstrating our dedication to training the next generation of female professionals in science.

Each member plays a vital role in our research mission, with seven scientists, three support staff, two medical staff, and four technical support staff, showcasing the capability of women across all aspects of ocean observations. Furthermore, our team is incredibly diverse, hailing from various corners of the globe including Argentina, Australia, England, Thailand, Germany, and the USA. This global representation infuses our team with diverse voices, cultures, and perspectives. This diversity not only enhances the richness of our scientific endeavors but also fosters a culturally vibrant and dynamic environment onboard RV Investigator.

Let’s take this opportunity to celebrate all women who are making invaluable contributions to science, both here and around the world. They are inspiring the next generation of scientists and shaping the future of our world.

This research is supported by a grant of sea time on RV Investigator from the CSIRO Marine National Facility which is supported by the Australian Government’s National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).

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