Welcome aboard TEMPO

The TEMPO research voyage sailed from Hobart on 29 January 2021.

This voyage to Antarctica will investigate the distribution, density and connectivity of populations of Antarctic krill, and better understand the distribution and contribution of deep-sea krill to overall krill biomass.

TEMPO stands for Trends in Euphausiids off Mawson, Predators, and Oceanography.

The images & stories below are by the scientists & crew on board.

The science team on this board TEMPO includes 20 participants from three institutions, including Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), Australian Antarctic Program Partnership (AAPP), and University of Sydney. Science funds were contributed by AAD, Pew, AAPP and the Antarctic Science Foundation, with a grant of sea time provided by the CSIRO Marine National Facility.


Getting the measure of krill

By AAPP | 28/01/2021

Media Release: Australian Antarctic Program scientists will use a range of novel technologies to measure krill, during a ground-breaking voyage to the Southern Ocean that departs tomorrow.